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About US

Founder & Principal

The school was founded by Mr. Manoj Kushwaha, in March 25, 2013. It was set up as Knowability of Kirk (K.K.) Public School Purdil Nagar, [Hathras].  The aim of the school to provide a holistic system of education,based on Indian culture and traditional.

The school was built regular shaped. The school campus contains more than 40 rooms on two floors, with one library for students and teachers. School campus has two labs; two staff rooms, a assembly grounds, an auditorium and a playground.

The school is divided into three wings:

  • Pre-Primary wing (Playgroup)
  • Primary wing (Standard I-V)
  • Junior wing (Standard VI-VIII)

Mr. Rahul Raghuraj is the principal of this branch.


Children are admitted at the minimum age of three years. Admissions are made on the basis of interview/test.

K.K.P.S.came into existence in March 25, 2013 and is not only one of the most prestigious educational institutions of Purdil Nagar of Dist.- Hathras. KKPS was founded by Mr. Manoj Kushwaha, men of great vision. They established the school with the objective of providing quality education to young minds and help them grow into a complete person. Over the years KKPS grew not only in reputation but also established new branches. However, the expansion was marked by meticulous planning and gargantuan efforts to ensure that quality standards set initially were never compromised. The institution believes in giving value based education along with cognitive excellence. School also lays great emphasis on physical and socio-emotional development and organizes numerous events and activities to inculcate all the necessary skills for the complete development of each child. KKPS believes that the purpose of education should be to stimulate and guide the self-development of students. The students should feel that they are studying something, and not merely performing intellectual exercises. The aim of good education should be to impart the power and beauty of ideas.

KKPS: The Saga of Growth & Philosophy

KKPS was established in March 25, 2013 with strength of 75 students in the beginning and functioned in a rented house. It ran classes up to VIII standard. Under the able guidance and inspiration of the Founder Manager, Mr. Manoj Kushwaha the institution made spectacular progress and within a short span of time became well known for its brilliance as well as that of its students who brought glory to the institution and to themselves. Even in the initial years numerous students succeeded in prestigious examinations and competitions.

Providing education with the highest standards had always been Mr. Manoj Kushwaha's mission of life and the tree he had planted in March 25, 2013 started flourishing and flowering. The various offshoots of the tree came into being over the years and the growth is still going on at a steady pace. The offshoots have also come up in under-served and less developed areas. Despite the growth, rarely does one come across an institution as focused and dedicated to its core principles as KKPS. The school recently celebrated its 1st foundation day with a focus on providing strong educational opportunities to the people of the surrounding community. Respected nationally, as the 1st rank accorded by a prominent magazine among all schools in Purdil Nagar testifies, KKPS’s success grows out of sound values, focused efforts, clear vision and good works.

KKPS has a proud record of addressing and participating in social as well as humanitarian issues. Since inception, KKPS has been managed by visionaries and community leaders with strong social commitments. The concern is confined not just to the local community but seeks to intervene in a constructive way in national and even global issues. KKPS also encourages the participation of parents in the activities of the school and always works on their suggestions and opinions to further enhance the quality KKPS offers.

With its ever broadening reach and rapidly growing community of alumni, KKPS constantly strives to maintain and even improve upon the standards that have served as beacons from the very beginning. KKPS touches its students’ lives in a positive manner so that they leave its portals with the knowledge and understanding to temper a harmonious vision and the true spirit of service.