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kk PS Purdil Nagar, Knowability Of Kirk Purdil Nagar, Knowability Of Kirk (KK) Public School  

Welcome to Knowability Of Kirk (KK) Public School

K.K.P.S.came into existence in March 25, 2013 and is not only one of the most prestigious educational institutions of Purdil Nagar of Dist.- Hathras. KKPS was founded by Mr.Dinesh Sharma Snehi and Manoj Kushwaha, who men of great vision. They established the school with the objective of providing quality education to young minds and help them grow into a complete person. However, the expansion was marked by meticulous planning and gargantuan efforts to ensure that quality standards set initially were never compromised. The institution believes in giving value based education along with cognitive excellence.

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The school was founded by Manoj Kushwaha, in March 25, 2013. It was set up as Knowability of Kirk (K.K.) Public School Purdil Nagar, [Hathras].  The aim of the school to provide a holistic system of education,based on Indian culture and traditional.

The school was built regular shaped. The school campus contains more than 40 rooms on two floors, with one library for students and teachers. School campus has two labs; two staff rooms, a assembly grounds, an auditorium and a playground.

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